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Social Media and its impact on Fashion

Social Media and its impact on Fashion in 2023

#Social Media and its impact on Fashion #Social Media impact on Fashion #impact on Fashion

Are you scrolling through social media right now? Did you come across this article while you were mindlessly looking up things online? Since the early 2000s, the social media scene has grown by leaps and bounds. In just over two decades media and communication has changed the way we view the world and society as a whole.

With how fast information travels these days, it is a no-brainer that social media has impacted the world of fashion greatly. Advertisements of various brands have made their appearance through social media. It has proven to be a boon for the fashion industry. However, there have been negative impacts as well. Excess of anything is harmful. This applies to social media too.

Though social media has helped small brands get the recognition they deserve, and made fashion more accessible. However, style and fashion have become more mainstream, with people following trends mindlessly. The trend culture has undoubtedly affected the creativity of people. Fashion used to be an embodiment of self-expression, grace, and innovation; but now it is just a bunch of people blindly following the latest social media trends.

For models and influencers, social media has shown a positive response, i.e., it has become easier to engage with the audience and their fans. There has been a rise in fast fashion recently. However, social media has also pushed out content by artists, fashion enthusiasts, and models regarding sustainable fashion.

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Influence of social media on the fashion industry

Growth of trends

The rise of social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, and Tik Tok has changed the way the audience has access to the latest fashion trends. With trends changing every 3–4 months, fast fashion is thriving. Gone are the days when fashion lovers had to skim through magazines to find out the latest trends in the industry. Now we can look up various trends with just a quick Google search.

Due to the growth of trends, there has been a rise in fast fashion. More trends equal more marketing, more consumers, and the mass production of clothes. Exposure through social media has helped designers and brands cater to consumers’ preferences. But it has a detrimental effect on the environment. There has been a considerable decrease in people opting for sustainable choices of clothes.

Rise in marketing

Social media has proved to be a great source of marketing for brands. Before the rise of digital media, brand marketing was done through magazines, newspapers, televised runway shows, advertisements, and word of mouth. Now it is easier for brands to reach a higher consumer audience through various marketing tactics.

The algorithm prioritizes posts that are ranking high and pushes them to a larger audience. Fashion influencers and insta models take the reign when it comes to playing with the algorithm. Any fashionable outfit that garners attention is promoted to a larger group of people who then share or buy those particular products. This creates a domino effect where the social media algorithm promotes the post, then the reach increases, which ensures a larger audience interaction and more purchases of products, thereby increasing the brand’s revenue in sales.

Career paths as “fashion influencers”

A career path that has bloomed with the rise in social media. Fashion influencers have made their presence known all over Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Tik Tok. Many well-known and lesser-known brands reach out to these social media influencers to market their product. Any influencer account with a good number of followers can grow its own brands or endorse other brands. High-paying celebrities and models become brand ambassadors as well.

Everyone has come across pages of insta models, celebrities, and fashion influencers who post pictures wearing comfy, beautiful, and chic designer pieces. If the marketing is successful, there’ll be a considerable rise in sales of that particular outfit. A lot of accounts give tips and tricks to maintain sustainability as well.

impact on Fashion

Faster access and reach of fashion-related news

The latest fashion-related news can be seen or read online. Be it fashion tips & tricks, outfit inspos, the latest fashion industry promos, trends, etc., you can look up anything through social media.

The internet is a powerful tool. However, with access to information being easy and extremely vast, a lot of misinformation can be spread online without many consequences. Any fashion-related news, no matter how positive or negative can be accessed. Fashion and style can be influenced by this. Any fashion-related post that gains traffic goes on to become a viral post or trend. Brands have been utilizing these strategies to promote their latest collections, runway shows, etc.

Improving brand-customer relationships

Undoubtedly social media has improved the relationship between brands and their customers. Due to the fast access to information, brands are now able to provide better online customer services. For customers, it is now easier to raise their queries regarding any product. The increase in transparency between fashion brands and customers has improved networking and marketing tremendously.

Now customers can interact with various brands that cater to their likes and dislikes. More brand interaction means more engagement and participation of the customers.

#Social Media and its impact on Fashion #Social Media impact on Fashion #impact on Fashion

Social Media and its impact on Fashion

Online shopping

Compared to the past decade, now, online shopping has become more accessible and easier. Small brands are utilizing the power and reach of social media to market their products. Whilst well-known brands and fashion houses are successfully gaining a larger following. We now have access to many brands and their products at the tip of our hands.

Online shopping through social media has seen its fair share of ups and downs. However, there has been a steady growth in sales through online shopping in the past 2 or 3 years. It is much easier to buy things now by directly clicking on the link of the clothing website or by going through the assortment of items using various apps.

Social Media impact on Fashion
Social Media impact on Fashion


What social media is most used for Fashion?

Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook are some apps that are used for Fashion

What social media is used for style inspiration?

Pinterest and Instagram.

Will the world of Fashion continue to grow through social media?

Taking the positive response of the past 3–5 years into consideration, we can say that social media will continue to help the fashion industry grow and be more accessible.

Trendy 2023 fashion outfits

Trendy 2023 Fashion Outfits for Petites | How to look taller and Slimmer

#Trendy 2023 fashion outfits #How to look taller and Slimmer #Fashion

Are you among the many who received the shorter end of the stick when it comes to height? Being petite is not a bad thing. However, styling for shorter proportions can be tricky. Certain clothes will make you look shorter. Wanting to be tall and lean isn’t wrong. Instead of wallowing in sorrow for not being tall enough, why not take the help of fashion to create an illusion of being tall?

Everyone wants to look tall, slim, and pretty in their photos. Surely camera angles play a big role, but out here we are all for body positivity and feeling good about ourselves. Figuring out which clothes flatter your body shape the most will be a trial and error method. You might end up buying clothes that you think you would look good in, but when you wear them it doesn’t look as flattering as you imagined. Wearing clothes that suit your body type is the best way to flaunt your style and creativity.

The majority of clothes tend to cater to a particular size. Depending on the sizes; designs and silhouettes vary. Finding out which silhouettes compliment your body gives you an idea about the kind of clothes you should purchase or invest in. Once you know which outfits or styles suit you, style yourself accordingly. Fashion should be comfortable and creative. If you’re someone with short stature, then there are certain tips you can apply to style yourself and vamp up your fashion sense.

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Fashion Tips for Petites

1. Buy clothes that fit well and are comfortable

There is no need to wear overly form-fitting clothes if you aren’t comfortable. Form-fitting clothes look good on some people, however, we all have our bad days. Some clothes and outfits do not match petite people. You might be someone who prefers being comfortable and likes wearing loose, baggy clothes. However, it can make you look shorter than you are. Buy clothes that fit well, depending on your body shape. #Trendy 2023 fashion outfits

Trendy 2023 fashion outfits

A few tips to keep in mind the next time you go shopping-

   • High-waisted pants are your best friend. The high rise creates an illusion of your legs looking longer. High-waisted jeans and trousers can be worn, both formally and informally.

   • Cropped tops look really cute on those who have a petite stature. Pair crop tops with high-rise pants, skirts, or shorts. 

   • If cropped tops are not your thing, then buy t-shirts with a V-neckline or button-up shirts. Showing a little bit of the neckline looks stylish.

2. Tucking

If you are someone who has a longer torso and shorter legs, tucking in your shirts, t-shirts and blouses is an easy way to make yourself look taller. The tucked top creates an illusion that your legs are longer. This tip has been used by women all over the world.

How to look taller and Slimmer

Tucking works for both feminine and casual styles. You can tuck your formal shirts or tops in jeans, skirts or trousers. Fold the sleeves of your shirt to show your arms. This gives length to your body structure visually. Add a few accessories to complete the look.

If you prefer casual outfits more, then you can also wear slightly loose T-shirts tucked in high-waisted shorts or a skirt. Midi denim skirts look good too but they usually make the body proportion seem odd. Want to wear a midi skirt? Then pair it with wedges, and it’ll add to the height.

#Trendy 2023 fashion outfits #How to look taller and Slimmer

3. Platform heels, wedges, and high heels

It adds to your height like a charm. Petite girls do need to invest in comfortable heels for everyday wear. If you are not a high-heel person, you can always opt for platform heels, wedges, block heels, etc. These are usually more comfortable for daily wear. Nowadays, platform loafers are in trend too. Depending on the aesthetic/style that is currently trending, you can mix and match your footwear with different outfits.

Trendy 2023 Fashion Outfits


    • For classy occasions, pointed-toed heels are a go-to item. It helps visually elongate the length of your legs making you look taller. 

    • Even for flats, pointed and nude-colored ones are usually preferred as they create the illusion of your legs being longer.    

    • When it comes to selecting platforms and wedges, make sure that you invest in those that are comfortable.

4. Long coats or cropped jackets

Longer coats that reach your calves or ankles create a long defining line. These don’t break up the visual length of your body. Hence, during colder seasons opting for long coats is better. You can pair these with high-heeled boots, fleece leggings, and warm sweaters.

Cropped jackets are better as well because they make the lower part of your body look longer. These are good for those who have a longer torso. You can create some really cute outfits by pairing cropped jackets with various tops, high necks, etc.

Trendy 2023 fashion outfits

Mid-length jackets and coats are good too, but if you’re someone who is petite and would prefer looking taller then long coats or cropped jackets are a staple. Mid-length clothes break the shape of your body in odd proportions visually, making your upper body look longer than it is. If you prefer baggy clothes, then loose hoodies are a go-to.

5. Monochrome outfits

Not many know this but monochrome outfits make you look taller. The monochrome shades add height to your frame as it gives continuity to the outfit. Pairing monochrome outfits with pointed heels will make you look classy as well as taller looking.

If you invest in monochrome styles, be mindful of the shades/colors you choose. Invest in pieces that can be worn with other items of clothing. This will make your wardrobe more sustainable and helps prevent you from making unnecessary expenses.


In case, you aren’t a fan of monochrome looks, you can always go for clothes with patterns. For those with petite frames, vertical striped dresses or tops would look good.


Is it possible to look taller?

Yes, it is! With the right clothes and accessories, you can create an illusion of looking taller.

Does looking taller make you look thinner?

It surely does. The added height adds to the illusion that you look slimmer.

What pants make you look taller and slimmer?

High-rise jeans, high-waisted flared pants.

How to transform your Boring clothes

How to transform your Boring clothes | 2023 fashion tips

#How to transform your Boring clothes #Clothes 2023 fashion tips, #Tips to transform your boring clothes

Are you tired of your clothes looking boring? We all go through moments where no matter what clothes we try on, it just doesn’t make us feel good about ourselves. Feeling good should come from inside, but for many of us, it’s not easy to do. Society’s beauty standards make us scrutinize every aspect of our style and outer appearance. Not everyone has a model’s perfect hourglass figure or money to buy the latest, trendy clothes. So how do we become more fashionable?

The answer lies in being sustainable and letting your creative side take the reigns when it comes to fashion. Some outfits can be hit-and-miss. How you envisioned an outfit in your head might not look that great when you wear it. Here comes the creativity part. Any outfit can look exciting and trendy if you know how to style it properly. It may take a lot of tries, but eventually, you’ll be able to transform your boring clothes.

Trending Colours For Spring 2023: Making Your Wardrobe Bright And Colorful

Tips to transform your boring clothes

1. Jewelry is your best friend

A cliche saying, but it definitely stands true to an extent. Jewelry adds charm to any outfit. Be it a statement earring, a pendant, necklace, choker, nose ring, etc., jewelry helps complete the look. Don’t end up investing in overly expensive jewelry that you’ll be too afraid to wear lest it gets stolen. Instead, you can buy affordable jewelry that is good in quality and will last you years. Are you unsure about how to style boring outfits with jewelry? Here are some ideas-

• Wear a choker or a dainty pendant with an off-shoulder top or a basic white t-shirt with plain jeans. Since the outfit is minimalistic, choose jewelry that is cute and eye-catching.

• Choose jewelry keeping the color scheme of your outfit in mind. Gold-plated ones usually match many colors. However, you can also opt for classic silver ones, copper, or bronze jewelry, whichever ones complement your skin tone.

• Buy affordable and quality jewelry for daily wear. Invest in expensive pieces as assets, since you’ll wear them only for special occasions. Get some statement, out-of-the-box jewelry that will give your outfit the style factor.


2. Never say no to bags

Bags are a necessity. Not just for women but men too. We all know the benefits of carrying a bag, but how do you style it to make your boring outfits look stylish? Well, the answer lies in the kind of bags you purchase.

• Purchase bags that have different shapes. Minimalist and neutral-toned outfits can look boring. To avoid that, carry a bag, or purse that fits the color scheme but has an angular shape to it. Rectangular, oval, and circular ones can look good too, as long as the color compliments the dress. 

• Bright colors are a must. A pop of color is all you need to complete your outfit and be fashionable. It can be overwhelming, but taking risks can sometimes pay off. Try carrying a bright red bag as a contrast to your neutral-toned outfit.

• Textures!! Play with textures and designs. It is a great way to make your clothes look less boring. A tote bag with tassels, a leather bag with abstract designs, a sling bag with lots of pockets, a small drawstring bag, a bejeweled clutch, etc., all have different designs and look trendy if styled correctly.

Clothes 2023 fashion tips
Clothes 2023 fashion tips

3. Accessories are never enough

    Even the smallest accessory can make a boring outfit look flattering. Pair multiple matching accessories to vamp up your outfit, or opt for one statement piece.

    • Scarves are a great addition to your wardrobe. Pair a floral scarf with a beige or cream midi dress. You can also pair a scarf with a white V-neck shirt and denim jeans.

    • Not much of a jewelry person? No worries, you can wear a stylish watch, it adds charm to the outfit. Smartwatches are good additions too if you’re wearing casuals.

    • Hats, beanies, and caps! For casual outfits, you can wear caps to elevate the look. Wearing a boring all-black outfit? Fret not, add a white or pink cap. For warmer weather, you can add a purple, pink, or yellow beanie. For dresses and casual shirts/jeans, outfit pair them with a hat!

Tips to transform your boring clothes
Tips to transform your boring clothes

4. Wear styles that contrast

Contrasting styles can be a hit or miss. However, if you know how to style clothes, then it’ll be easier to mix and match clothes to create new outfits. Taking risks in fashion is not a new thing, and if it’s done to transform your boring clothes, then it’s worth the effort.

• Wear a midi dress with sneakers and a cropped leather jacket. The edginess of the jacket and the soft feminine vibes of the dress makes it a good combination of contrasting styles.

• Pair a bomber jacket with formal wide-legged trousers, and a stylish top, and complete the look with a beanie or a cap. You can add a contrasting baguette or a fanny pack.

• Mix and match ideas from different aesthetics. Balletcore and cottage core are an unusual combination but they complement each other. Y2K fashion with grunge is another complementary combination.

fashion trends

5. Jump onto the monochrome bandwagon

Monochromatic looks are trending in the fashion world right now. Wearing variations of the same shade can automatically transform your boring outfits. You don’t have to worry about under or over-dressing as monochromatic looks are timeless and classy.

• When wearing monochromatic outfits, make sure that the clothes have complimenting silhouettes. Don’t just wear a bunch of clothes that are similar shades. Take the time to experiment and see which clothes complement each other.

• For Spring, monochromatic looks in lavender, green, yellows, pinks, etc., will surely look trendy. Variations of pastels are good for the Spring and Summer. Add a couple of accessories, and voila, you’re good to go!

• Add a bit of flair. Try out solid, bold colors for your monochrome outfits. You’ll never know if you like it until you try it.


Does textured bags look good with any outfit?

Yes! As long as you know how to style it, textured bags will look good with any outfit.

Are monochrome tones the trend for 2023?

They surely are! Style yourself in some monochrome looks this season.

Is it necessary to add jewelry?

No, it’s not. Accessories add a charm to the outfit. But if you are not a jewelry person, you can always opt for other third pieces like smartwatches, scarves etc.

Trending Colours for Spring 2023

Trending Colours for Spring 2023: Making your wardrobe bright and colorful

Trending Colours for Spring 2023 #Trending Colours for Spring #Trending Colours

Spring is finally here! Gone are the gloomy and dark hues of winter. Let’s welcome Spring with a splash of color. Fill your wardrobe with the trending colors for Spring 2023. Let your creativity out and put together outfits from the trending color palette. Fashion houses this year showcased different themes, highlighting their creative aspect. One thing everyone noticed was the use of bold colors. Though goth themes were prevalent, the random pop of color stood out and was of course, memorable to the audience.

Experts and fashion enthusiasts have announced the trending colors of the year 2023. Spring will see many bright shades with outfits ranging from bold monochromatic looks to a pop of color in neutral-toned outfits. Understanding which colors suit you best is the first step toward building a Spring wardrobe. However, you can think out of the box and create outfits that are out of your comfort zone. Fashion is all about trying out different looks and styles.

Trending spring colors to brighten up your closet

1. Lavender

One shade that has been trending since last year with many people trying out the white-lavender outfit combo at least once. The neutral shade is a must-have for your spring wardrobe. Adding the various hues of lavender to your collection for spring will immediately brighten up your wardrobe. Like light blue, lavender is a calm and classy shade and will look good on anyone. You can opt for either a full lavender outfit or incorporate the color in subtle ways through purses, scarves, or maybe a jacket. Lavender gives out youthful vibes and is a hit among young adults and teens.

2. Viva magenta

One shade that you probably don’t see much on a daily basis. However, according to Pantone, viva magenta is the color of the year and will garner popularity among fashion enthusiasts. The elegant and bold color might be overwhelming for those who don’t wear eye-catching tones. It will be a hit for cocktail and formal dresses. This pinkish-red shade can be paired with neutrals to create statement casual outfits.

White, khaki, beige, grey, etc., tones will compliment this shade. Take risks with your outfits and pair them with blues, purple, and pink tones. Viva magenta as a skirt, shirt, or dress is the splash of color you need this spring. You can also incorporate this berry-red shade as a purse or jewelry.

Trending Colours for Spring 2023
Trending Colours

3. Blues

All pastel shades of blue will be seen this year. Undoubtedly, blue is one color that elevates the charm of any outfit. Lighter shades of blue will be popular this spring among influencers and fashion enthusiasts. Bolder hues of blue such as cobalt blue, electric blue, azure, etc., were seen on the runway during Fashion week 2023. One designer who brought attention to this gorgeous shade is Gaurav Gupta.

The Indian designer wowed everyone with his Shunya collection during Paris Haute Couture Week. The concept, which is a take on the possibilities of movement from zero to infinity was created by the designer using never-ending strokes and shapes. Rapper Cardi B wore an electric blue custom Gaurav Gupta at the 65th Grammy Awards.

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Trending Colours for Spring
Trending Spring Colours

4. Shades of pink

Pastel pinks are a must for your Spring wardrobe. 2022 saw the hot-pink trend and it’s not ending anytime soon. The trending aesthetic- Barbiecore and ballet core include various shades of pink. As per the trends, lighter hues of pink will be perfect for the Spring season. Flowy pink dresses, and light pink tops paired with white, beige, pants or skirts, will be the perfect outfit to transition from winter to spring. A hot pink purse can give your outfit the splash of color it needs to make it cool and chic.

Trending Colours
Trending Colours for Spring 2023

5. Gold and silver

Not the most conventional colors for spring but metallic colors are trending this season. From runways to award shows, metallic colors are shining bright. Fashion houses upped their game with models strutting down the runway wearing silver, gold, and bronze dresses with matching accessories. Incorporate metallic colors in your wardrobe this year based on your skin tone.

Once you’ve figured out if your skin is warm or cool-toned, purchase metallic colors that will suit you. Metallic accessories such as jewelry and handbags are an option if you don’t want to buy a dress but want some metallic tones in your wardrobe. A fashion inspiration is the ‘Queen Bey’ (Beyonce) who wore a dress with a rose gold bodice for the Grammy Awards this year.

Trending Colours for Spring 2023
Trending Colours for Spring 2023

6. Orange

Despite being a fall (Autumn) color, orange hues are back in trend for Spring 2023. Fashion week 2023 saw different hues of orange on the runway. Though fashion designers incorporated a lot of bold monochromatic looks, if you aren’t fearless enough to rock that look then going for muted orange tones would be a good choice. Slightly bright orange tones are good for a day at the beach.

You can always opt for sheer fabrics if the color is too much for you. Pairing orange clothes with beige, bronze, cream, or camel tones can give you a classy but chic look. If you’re going for a color that pops while wearing neutral tones, a bright, orange is the go-to choice. Get some affordable but colorful orange bags, accessories, belts, etc., and get creative with your outfits.

The Top Spring Color Trends to Wear for 2023, According to Fashion Stylists

Trending Colours for Spring
Trending Colours for Spring 2023

7. Yellow

No one can deny that the color yellow exudes happy summery vibes. Wearing any shade of yellow is like an instant mood booster. For fashion week 2023, various designers opted for pastel shades of yellow. The muted tones elevated not only the dress’s design and charm but also brought out the spring-summer vibes on the runway. Experiment with different shades of yellow this Spring. Pair your yellow clothes with blues, greens, ivory, beige, white, etc., to create a bomb and intense outfit. Don’t hesitate to take inspiration from your favorite models, magazines, or influencers.

8. Green hues

Teal, lime, light green, and olive green are must-haves for this spring season. Green is one color that can be styled with any outfit but still look good. The various shades of green encompass spring vibes perfectly and give you a fresh look. Be it light green floral dresses, patterned skirts, tops, or shirts, make sure you have a few green clothing items in your wardrobe. Accessories such as green bracelets, bags, earrings, and scarves are a good addition too if you want to add a bit of green to the outfit.

Street Style Menswear

Street Style Menswear 2023: What to wear

Street Style Menswear #menswear #street style #What to wear

Street style is one fashion genre that will always dominate menswear. Fashion week 2023 saw various trends in street style. Many of the looks were an amalgamation of basics cohesively put together. Thus, proving that street style will remain timeless, with old trends coming back every year.

Born from Californian surf culture and hip-hop fashion from New York, streetwear has amassed different elements from other styles. Street style is a mix of comfort, go-to dressing, chic, and statement looks all in one. Women’s and men’s streetwear may seem unflattering to people, but when done right, it can look cool and trendy. Quite a few elements of Japanese street fashion and haute couture can be seen currently in street-style menswear 2023. That mixed with the good old Punk and Sportswear has given fashion enthusiasts the freedom to create awesome statement looks.

Are you bored with your everyday outfits? Elevate your street fashion with basics, accessories, and statement pieces! You don’t need to go full-on ‘Hypebeast’ to stand out from the crowd. A pair of Jordans or Nike sneakers would do more to alleviate your outfit than a pair of Yeezys’. Street style has always been about comfortable and relaxed looks which make a statement. It is not mandatory, to be covered head-to-toe in brand logos to showcase your street fashion.

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Men’s streetwear 2023—­Must-haves!

No matter what style it may be, if you’re a fashion enthusiast, making a statement with your outfit is the goal. However, you don’t need to go over the top with your outfits to do so. Looking good, being confident and comfortable in what you wear is enough to let your outfits stand out. Pairing basics properly can alleviate your look. Here are some must-have items for your wardrobe-

1. Cargo pants

Cargo pants are one of the most versatile items of clothing when it comes to streetwear and casuals. These pants have made a comeback in recent years, trending not just in streetwear but also in other genres of fashion. Airport fashion gave a boost to the ‘cargo pant trend’ as celebrities were seen donning it, looking chic and stylish.

These pants are an example of timeless fashion. Pair your favorite cargo pants with a loose sweatshirt, a bomber jacket, a hoodie, a graphic t-shirt, etc.

street style

2. Tracksuits

Are you surprised to see this on the list? Streetwear has and will always cater to comfortable dressing, and what is better than wearing a tracksuit for a day out? Match your tracksuit with a striking pair of sneakers, a sling/fanny bag, goggles, smartwatch, and you’re good to go! You can either go for a no-brand look or a complete brand set from well-known brands such as Adidas, Gucci, Nike, etc. Tracksuits are the perfect outfit to opt for when you’re running late but want to look fashionable and effortless.

What to wear

3. Sneakers

Regardless of your gender, sneakers are a staple for your streetwear fashion. Men’s streetwear wardrobe will be incomplete without classic sneakers. Vans, Jordans, All-Stars Converses, etc., are must-have items for men’s streetwear. When it comes to shoes, quality is a must! It may slightly strain your budget but opt for quality footwear from brands that cater to your needs.


4. Hoodies

Loose hoodies will always be a timeless look. Pair your hoodie with a jacket on top, cargo pants or joggers, sneakers, and a cap. You can also match your hoodie with denim jeans or trousers. Think ‘loose,’ not ‘baggy’ when you shop for hoodies. Oversized clothes do more to accentuate your silhouette than overly baggy clothes. You can never own too many. Brand or no-brand, get yourself stylish-looking hoodies and create your own outfits!

Street Style Menswear

5. Denim

Another timeless classic you must have in your closet. Denim-on-denim looks will always look stylish. Pairing a denim jacket with a hoodie, joggers, etc., looks good too. While buying clothes within the budget is good, investing in quality denim is a better choice. It’ll be more sustainable and last for years. Denim jeans and jackets are a must-have for all wardrobes.

Street Style Menswear

6. Long coats

Long overcoats alleviate the look of the outfit. Be it formal, casual, or streetwear, long coats make any outfit look good. Owning a black, grey, or khaki-colored overcoat is a must. Depending on the color scheme of your wardrobe, purchase overcoats that will match the outfits you create.


7. Polos

Streetwear fashion is incomplete without polos. A polo shirt with fitting trousers, jeans, or joggers will remain a timeless look. It may not look bougie, but there is a reason polo shirts have been around since streetwear gained popularity. You can either keep it simple or accessorize your outfit according to your preferences.

street style

8. Joggers/ jeans

Staples for your wardrobe. Joggers are comfortable and can be paired with any outfit. Well-fitted jeans vamp up your outfit effortlessly. A white t-shirt with joggers/jeans and white sneakers/kicks will remain a top-tier streetwear look. You don’t need to go over the top to stand out; sometimes, simple outfits speak volumes. Black joggers and blue denim are must-haves for your streetwear and casual wardrobe.

What to wear

Points to remember while buying streetwear

• Quality and style are a must for footwear. You can purchase the oddest-looking pair of shoes on the block, but classic Adidas or Puma trainers will outshine your oddly shaped Yeezy’s.

• Oversized clothes are your best friend. Opting for a size or two bigger than your actual size will do more for you than wearing baggy clothes that look like a tent.

• Focus on no brand logos, or maintain subtlety. Don’t flock to brand names like teenagers. Trends come and go. Focus on creating timeless looks. Opt for streetwear labels that make creative clothing items.

• Invest in good quality fabrics. Better the fabric of your clothes, it’ll be more long-lasting and sustainable.

• Create a wardrobe that is well-coordinated and cohesive. Your clothes are an extension of your personality and reflect you as an individual. Maintain a balance between creativity and individuality.

Capsule Wardrobe: Definition, Pros, And Cons, Steps


Which are the most popular streetwear brands?

Adidas, Nike, Stüssy, Supreme, Palace, Bape etc., are some well-known streetwear brands.

Who is a “Hypebeast”?

A person who actively pursues follows and acquires the latest trending shoes and clothes.

Is streetwear an aesthetic?

In its own way, streetwear is an aesthetic for some people. However, it is more of a style/genre of fashion.

What is the aim of streetwear?

A blend of fashion and comfort.

Capsule Wardrobe

 Capsule Wardrobe: Definition, Pros, and Cons, Steps

#Capsule wardrobe

Have you ever come across the term ‘Capsule Wardrobe’? In simple terms, a capsule wardrobe means a limited collection of clothes, accessories, and shoes that complement each other, and can be styled to create new outfits. The usual range of clothing you can own is about 30-40 items. The term Capsule Wardrobe coined by Susie Faux owned a boutique called “Wardrobe” in London in the 1970s. Though decades have passed and the meaning of capsule wardrobe has been redefined many times, the concept remains the same. Susie Faux came up with the idea of a limited wardrobe keeping working women in mind. 

The concept garnered popularity as it made it easier to put together outfits during busy days. With ever-growing fashion trends, owning simple but versatile pieces in your wardrobe can change your style.

Capsule wardrobes have existed for years and have made a lasting impact on those who practice them. Not only does it make dressing up every day easy, but it also helps curate a wardrobe filled with your favorite clothes. 

What are the pros and cons of having a capsule wardrobe? 


1. Saves money

It does help save your finances. Since you already have a well-tailored wardrobe, the desire to buy new clothing items lessens. Having a wardrobe that is versatile, complements each other, and is interchangeable reduces your craze for shopping. As you have clothes that match, you will avoid unnecessarily adding more items to your wardrobe. You’ll learn to invest in quality that lasts for years. Isn’t it better to own one item that will last for years than buy cheaper clothes you’ll replace in a few months?

Capsule Wardrobe

2. Less stress decision-making fatigue

You must have had moments where you’re stressing about what to wear and complaining about not having enough clothes despite having a lot. Capsule wardrobes reduce the stress and fatigue that comes with choosing the ‘perfect fit.’ You’ll have clothes that complement each other, so you won’t stress about mixing and matching clothes.     

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3. Sustainability

When it comes to fashion, sustainability may be hard to achieve due to trends that seem to change every other week. However, a minimalistic wardrobe will steer you towards owning more sustainable clothing items. 

4. Versatile pieces

Once you get rid of clothes that barely lasted, you’ll see that you are left with versatile items that’ll last for years and can be worn in different seasons. Depending on the types of clothes you have, you can add one or two items that’ll fit your wardrobe. 

5. More time and energy

Shopping is time-consuming and draining. No doubt it can be fun, but shopping does take a lot of time, especially if you can’t find what you are looking for. Having a limited wardrobe cut down the time and energy you would have spent on shopping.

6. Helps the environment

Fewer clothes, more sustainability. Since your wardrobe will have clothes that last for years, it’ll help reduce the carbon footprint. There’ll be less waste because you won’t buy clothes that will get discarded after a few months. Fast fashion is one of the causes of pollution and the overflow of landfills. Avoiding temporary trends and sticking to a minimal wardrobe might seem like a small step but it positively impacts the environment. 

Capsule Wardrobe coined by Susie Faux

Spring 2023: Must Have Wardrobe Essentials To Vamp Up Your Look

7. Well curated wardrobe that defines your style

You’ll be left with the perfect wardrobe that fits your style and aesthetic. Getting rid of the clothes you aren’t quite fond of or barely wear will leave you with items you love. It’ll help you develop and perfect your style. 


1. Repetitive outfits

Less number of clothes may cause this issue. You will notice that you are wearing certain outfits more. It does get repetitive and boring. You’ll have to be more creative to vamp up your outfits. Do keep in mind, repeating outfits is not a bad thing. Wanting to be on trend can be overwhelming due to social media and peer pressure. Tapping into your creativity is the key to avoiding boredom. 

2. Hard to dress for special occasions and events 

Capsule wardrobes have many advantages, but it does fall short when dressing up for special occasions and events. You’ll feel restricted because of the lack of clothes. Adding a couple of fancy dresses might help. 

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin. So why don’t you try creating your own capsule wardrobe too? Making a capsule wardrobe for each season leaves you with less pressure of filling up your wardrobe to accommodate the seasonal changes. 

As long as you make sure you own basic pieces and complementary color schemes, you are good to go! 

Steps to create your own capsule wardrobe!

1. Declutter your present wardrobe

Set aside the clothes that are similar in color, silhouette, etc. Discard the clothes you are not fond of, damaged or stained. Segregate the clothes based on the criteria you’re following. Avoid starting your capsule wardrobe from scratch. You will have lots of clothes that fit the aesthetic you want.   

2. Selection of clothes

Pick your favorite items of clothing. Set those aside. Select clothes that you reach out for on a daily basis. Make sure that you select the clothes based on their versatility, color scheme, silhouette, comfort level, quality, etc. 

3. Planning 

Plan accordingly for the season. Create a capsule wardrobe for the current season. Assess what you need to add and remove from the selected items. 


Capsule wardrobe

4. Create a few outfits 

Try creating 5-10 everyday outfits from the capsule wardrobe you made. This’ll help in figuring out if you missed out on a few items. Mix and match to see if the outfits match your aesthetic. It is a process and will require time and effort to perfect it. 


What is a capsule wardrobe?

It is a collection of clothes ranging from 30-40 items that are used to create new outfits. 

Are capsule wardrobes hard to maintain? 

No. As long as all the selected items meet the criteria and are versatile, it is easy to maintain. 

What are the most important criteria of a capsule wardrobe? 

Clothes that fit all seasons and can be styled in numerous ways. 

Are accessories necessary? 

Yes! Accessories are a must for a capsule wardrobe. It helps alleviate the look of the outfit.

what you wear in 2023

Finding your style: Being confident in what you wear in 2023

what you wear in 2023 #fashion trends #2023 fashion trends #fashion trends 2023

Fast fashion is rampant throughout the industry. While fashion trends 2023 keep going in and out of the “trending” list on social media, maintaining sustainability in the clothes you wear can make a huge difference. The fashion and makeup industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Hence, finding and creating your style amid numerous trends can be daunting. Would you prefer to be the one following trends, or would you rather find your style and not follow the herd?

Owning luxurious statement pieces is a dream for many. But the majority of us can’t afford to splurge on high-end brands. Buying affordable pieces of clothing is the norm, but we tend to make the mistake of purchasing clothes that we rarely wear. You will have a few clothes in your wardrobe that are brand new and just waiting for an occasion to be worn. We tend to buy clothes that look good by themselves, forgetting that they may not look flattering on our bodies. Before spending whatever savings you have on buying clothes you might not wear, find your style first.

Fashion is a form of expression. Knowing how to express your personality through the clothes you wear will take time, research, and effort. Finding your style is not an impossible task, as long as you put in the work to figure out what piques your interest when it comes to clothes and fashion. You don’t need to be a model or an influencer to pull off any look. One of the major criteria you should keep in mind before starting your journey to find your style is the type of body shape you have. Knowing what silhouettes look good on your body will give you a basic idea of the kind of clothes you should invest in.

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Spring 2023: Must Have Wardrobe Essentials To Vamp Up Your Look

How to find your style- Steps to follow

Ready to begin your ‘personalized’ style journey? Here are a few steps you should try:-

1. Know your body type

More often than not we end up buying clothes that do not match our body type. To have a personalized wardrobe, knowing your body shape well is a must. We all seek perfection in the way we look, so why not buy clothes that accentuate the best parts of our bodies? Research what kind of silhouettes look good on your body type.

2. Evaluate your wardrobe

Assessing your wardrobe can give you an idea about which clothes you feel confident and comfortable in. All of us have some items of clothing that we love and re-wear any chance we get. For a couple of weeks, track which clothes you wear most often. Segregate your most worn pieces of clothes from unworn ones. Ask yourself, what do these clothes have in common? You’ll notice that you gravitate towards certain styles of clothes. The clothes you wear most often will have a certain fit, color scheme, brand, and comfort level. Finding a similarity in all the clothes you love wearing will point you in a particular direction.

what you wear in 2023
what you wear in 2023

3. Research various resources

Fashion magazines, runway shows, Instagram, and Pinterest, are a few of the resources you can look through to find style inspiration. Find clothes that you are attracted to and save them. Think critically about whether the particular outfit you are looking at will suit you or not. Questions to keep in mind while researching-

  •     Is this a flattering fit for my body type?
  •     Do I like the color scheme, and will I be open to trying it?
  •     What do I like about that particular outfit?
  •     Are the colors too loud or muted for my taste?
  •     Do I have a more mature or outgoing style?
  •     Do I like the patterns in that model’s outfit?

Save the photos on Instagram, create a Pinterest board, etc., of your favorite outfits. You’ll get a general idea about what styles and clothes you’re drawn to. You might just like a mixture of different styles or solely prefer feminine dresses or edgy, dark outfits.

4. Create and refine your mood board

Once you’ve created your mood board of various outfits, go through each picture you saved. Do you see yourself wearing those outfits daily? Going through your collection of outfits will enable you to find out which clothes showcase your personality. If you are someone who prefers a mixture of styles, you can always combine different looks and create one unique to you.

You will notice a pattern while skimming through the pictures and cutouts. The inner fashionista residing within you will find an outlet through the mood boards you’ve created.

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fashion trends 2023

5. Go shopping

Now that you have a general idea about what style you prefer, choose a few pieces from your mood board that appears consistently. Make a list, go shopping to search for those items, and purchase them. Wear those clothes for some weeks, mix and match. See if it works for you. At the same time, keep working on your mood board too. Find new pieces that you might want to experiment with and gradually build your wardrobe.

fashion trends

6. Be confident and keep experimenting

Give yourself enough time to go shopping. Do not splurge and buy on impulse. You will end up with clothes you don’t want. Instead, take the time to try out different outfits and see what suits you best. Finding your style takes time and is a long process. Mix and match clothes to create outfits, that are cohesive, comfortable, and fashionable. It’ll help you develop your sense of style.

Learn to be confident. Change can be scary for many people. Revamping your style and experimenting can seem out of the ordinary for those around you. Start slow. The road to expressing yourself through your clothes will be filled with trials and errors. Ease yourself into it, one stylish outfit at a time.

2023 fashion trends


1) Which apps can be used as resources for outfit inspiration?

Instagram and Pinterest.

2) Should we follow fashion influencers on Instagram for inspiration?

Yes, as long as you follow them strictly for outfit ideas and do not develop body image issues.

3) Is Pinterest a good resource?

     Yes. You will find a lot of ideas for photography and fashion on the app.

4) What is the best option for purchasing affordable clothes?


5) Can old movies be a source of outfit ideas?

Yes. Especially 80s and 90s movies.

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95th Academy Awards: Complete list of Oscar 2023 Nominations

95th Academy Awards #Oscar nominations 2023 #Oscar predictions 2023

Tags: Oscar 2023 Nominations, Predictions, Winner List, Schedule, Complete List of Oscar 2023 Nominations, academy awards nominations 2023, Oscars 2023 predictions

The most awaited award ceremony will be held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on March 12. Oscar nominations 2023 were announced by Riz Ahmed and Allison Williams. With many contenders vying for the coveted Oscar trophy, this year’s Academy Awards is one event you shouldn’t miss. Viewer ratings of the Oscars are expected to be high this year, unlike in previous years. The award ceremony will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel for the third time.

Predictions on who will win in each category have been on the rounds since the announcement of the Oscar nominations 2023. Leading in various categories with 11 nominations is the Sci-fi/ comedy adventure movie starring Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan—”Everything Everywhere All at Once.” Following closely behind with nine nominations each are “All Quiet on the Western Front” and “The Banshees of Inisherin.”

These three movies will be going head-to-head for ‘Best Picture’ with two of the highest-grossing movies of the year— “Avatar: the way of water” and “Top Gun: Maverick.” Other fan favorites in this category include the musical biopic “Elvis,” the psychological drama “Tár” starring Cate Blanchett, Steven Speilberg’s semi-autobiographical story “The Fabelmans,” “Women Talking” an American drama film based on the true story of a Mennonite colony located in Bolivia, and the satirical comedy movie “Triangle of Sadness.”

Category-wise Academy Awards nominations 2023

Best Picture

• Everything Everywhere All at Once—Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert and Jonathan Wang, Producers

• All Quiet on the Western Front—Malte Grunert, producer

• The Banshees of Inisherin—Graham Broadbent, Martin McDonagh and Pete Czernin, Producers

• Avatar: The Way of Water—James Cameron and Jon Landau, Producers

• Top Gun: Maverick—Tom Cruise, Christopher McQuarrie, David Ellison and Jerry Bruckheimer, Producers

• Elvis—Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin, Gail Berman, Patrick McCormick and Schuyler Weiss, Producers

• The Fabelmans—Kristie Macosko Krieger, Steven Spielberg and Tony Kushner, Producers

• Tár—Todd Field, Alexandra Milchan and Scott Lambert, Producers

• Triangle of Sadness—Erik Hemmendorff and Philippe Bober, Producers

• Women Talking—Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner and Frances McDormand, Producers

Best Director

• Martin McDonagh (The Banshees of Inisherin)

• Todd Field (Tár)

• Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (Everything Everywhere All at Once)

• Steven Spielberg (The Fabelmans)

• Ruben Östlund (Triangle of Sadness)

Best Actor in a Leading Role

• Austin Butler—Elvis

• Bill Nighy—Living

• Colin Farrell—The Banshees of Inisherin

• Paul Mescal—Aftersun

• Brendan Fraser—The Whale

Best Actress in a Leading Role

• Michelle Williams—The Fabelmans

• Michelle Yeoh—Everything Everywhere All at Once

• Cate Blanchett—Tár

• Ana de Armas—Blonde

• Andrea Riseborough—To Leslie

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

• Brian Tyree Henry—Causeway

• Brendan Gleeson—The Banshees of Inisherin

• Barry Keoghan—The Banshees of Inisherin

• Ke Huy Quan—Everything Everywhere All at Once

• Judd Hirsch—The Fabelmans

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

• Hong Chau—The Whale

• Angela Bassett—Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

• Jamie Lee Curtis—Everything Everywhere All at Once

• Stephanie Hsu—Everything Everywhere All at Once

• Kerry Condon—The Banshees of Inisherin

Best Original Screenplay

• Everything Everywhere All at Once

• Tár

• The Fabelmans

• The Banshees of Inisherin

• Triangle of Sadness

Best Adapted Screenplay

• Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery by Rian Johnson

• Top Gun: Maverick by Ehren Kruger and Eric Warren Singer and Christopher McQuarrie; Story by Peter Craig and Justin Marks

• Living by Kazuo Ishiguro

• All Quiet on the Western Front by Edward Berger, Lesley Paterson and Ian Stokell

• Women Talking by Sarah Polley

Best Documentary Feature Film

• Fire of Love—Sara Dosa, Shane Boris and Ina Fichman

• A House Made of Splinters—Simon Lereng Wilmont and Monica Hellström

• Navalny—Daniel Roher, Odessa Rae, Diane Becker, Melanie Miller and Shane Boris

• All the Beauty and the Bloodshed—Laura Poitras, Howard Gertler, John Lyons, Nan Goldin and Yoni Golijov

• All That Breathes—Shaunak Sen, Aman Mann and Teddy Leifer

Best Documentary Short Film

• How Do You Measure a Year?—Jay Rosenblatt

• Haulout—Evgenia Arbugaeva and Maxim Arbugaev

• Stranger at the Gate—Joshua Seftel and Conall Jones

• The Martha Mitchell Effect—Anne Alvergue and Beth Levison

• The Elephant Whisperers—Kartiki Gonsalves and Guneet Monga

Best International Feature Film

•Close (Belgium)

•Argentina, 1985 (Argentina)

• EO (Poland)

•All Quiet on the Western Front (Germany)

• The Quiet Girl (Ireland)

Best Film Editing

• Elvis—Matt Villa, Jonathan Redmond

• Everything Everywhere All at Once—Paul Rogers

•Tár—Monika Willi

• The Banshees of Inisherin—Mikkel EG Nielsen

• Top Gun: Maverick—Eddie Hamilton

Best Cinematography

• Empire of Light—Roger Deakins

• Elvis—Mandy Walker

• Bardo, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths—Darius Khondji

• All Quiet on the Western Front—James Friend

•Tár—Florian Hoffmiester

Best Animated Feature Film

• Turning Red—Domee She and Lindsey Collins

• Puss in Boots: The Last Wish—Joel Crawford and Mark Swift

•Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio—Guillermo del Toro, Mark Gustafson, Gary Ungar and Alex Bulkley

• The Sea Beast—Chris Williams and Jed Schlanger

• Marcel the Shell with Shoes On—Dean Fleischer Camp, Elisabeth Holm, Andrew Goldman, Paul Mezey and Caroline Kaplan

Best Animated Short Film

• An Ostrich Told Me the World is Fake and I Think I Believe It—Lachlan Pendragon

• Ice Merchants—Joao Gonzalez and Bruno Caetano

• My Year of Dicks—Sara Gunnardottir and Pamela Ribon

• The Boy, The Mole, the Fox and the Horse—Charlie Mackesy and Mathhew Freud

• The Flying Sailor—Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby

Best Live Action Short Film

• The Red Suitcase—Cyrus Neshvad

• Le Pupille—Alice Rohrwacher and Alfonso Cuaron

• Night Ride—Elrik Tveiten and Gaute Lid Larssen

• An Irish Goodbye—Tom Berkeley and Ross White

• Ivalu—Anders Walter and Rebecca Pruzan

Best Music (Original Song)

• “Hold My Hand” from Top Gun: Maverick—Lady Gaga and BloodPop

• “Applause” from tell it Like a Woman—Diane Warren

• “Naatu Naatu” from RRR—M.M. Keeravaani and Chandrabose

• “Lift Me Up” from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever—Tems, Rihanna, Ryan Coogler, Ludwig Goransson

• “This is a Life” from Everything Everywhere All At Once—Ryan Lott, David Byrne, Mitski

Best Music (Original Score)

•The Banshees of Inisherin—Carter Burwell

• Babylon—Justin Hurwitz

• Everything Everywhere All at Once—Son Lux

• All Quiet on the Western Front—Volker Bertelmann

• The Fabelmans—John Williams

Best Production Design

• Avatar: The Way of Water—Dylan Cole, Ben Procter, Vanessa Cole

• All Quiet on the Western Front—Christian M. Goldbeck, Ernestine Hipper

• The Fabelmans—Rick Carter, Karen O’Hara

• Babylon—Florencia Martin, Anthony Carlino

•Elvis—Catherine Martin, Karen Murphy, Bev Dunn

Best Costume Design

• Elvis—Catherine Martin

• Black Panther: Wakanda Forever—Ruth Carter

• Babylon—Mary Zophres

• Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris—Jenny Beavan

• Everything Everywhere All at Once—Shirley Kurata

Best Makeup & Hairstyling

• The Whale—Adrien Morot, Judy Chin and Annemarie Bradley

• Black Panther: Wakanda Forever—Camille Friend and Joel Harlow

• Elvis—Mark Coulier, Jason Baird and Aldo Signoretti

• The Batman—Naomi Donne, Mike Marino and Mike Fontaine

• All Quiet on the Western Front—Heike Merker and Linda Elsenhamerová

Best Sound

•All Quiet on the Western Front—Viktor Prásil, Frank Kruse, Markus Stemler, Lars Ginzel and Stefan Korte

• The Batman—Stuart Wilson, William Files, Douglas Murray and Andy Nelson

• Elvis—David Lee, Wayne Pashley, Andy Nelson and Michael Keller

• Top Gun: Maverick—Mark Weingarten, James H. Mather, Al Nelson, Chriss Burdon and Mark Taylor

• Avatar: The Way of Water—Julian Howarth, Gwendolyn Yates Whittle, Dick Bernstein, Christopher Boyes, Gary Summers and Michael Hedges

Best Visual Effects

• Avatar: The Way of Water

• All Quiet on the Western Front

• The Batman

• Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

• Top Gun: Maverick

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  1. Who will host the 95th Academy Awards in 2023?

    Jimmy Kimmel

  2. Where will the Oscars 2023 be held?

    Dolby Theatre at Ovation Hollywood, Los Angeles

  3. Where can I watch the Oscars 2023 live?

    The event will be broadcasted live on ABC.

  4. What were the highest-grossing films of the year?

    Avatar: The Way of Water and Top Gun: Maverick

  5. Who announced the Oscar 2023 nominations?

    Riz Ahmed and Allison Williams

#95th Academy Awards #Oscar nominations 2023 #Oscar predictions 2023 #Complete List of Oscar 2023 Nominations #academy awards nominations 2023

Lifestyle Changes To Make In 2023

Spring 2023: Must Have Wardrobe Essentials To Vamp Up Your Look

wardrobe essentials

Spring 2023: Must have wardrobe essentials to vamp up your look

Wardrobe Essentials #must have wardrobe essentials 2023 #fashion trends 2023

Spring is just around the corner. With fashion trends changing every other week, it can get exhausting to keep up with them. Are you unsure how to be sustainable but also keep up with the latest fashion trends? Well, how about starting with the must-have wardrobe essentials? 

Wardrobe essentials are items of clothing that are usually basic but improve the whole look of the outfit. Having a few essential items gives you the freedom to try on an array of styles that bring out your personality. Mix and match, layer, or wear it as it is; your outfits represent you as an individual. Outfits can be a hit or miss, depending on how much you know about fashion and the latest trends. Are you someone who opts for comfort or someone that prefers making a statement with their outfits? Maybe you are both. You will never know unless you experiment with different styles and clothes.

What comes to mind when you think of the Spring season? Pleasant weather, flowers in bloom, the warmth of the sun, chirping of birds, etc. Keeping this image in mind, wouldn’t you want your Spring outfits to represent the season? 

Upgrade your look this season with these wardrobe essentials

Here is a list of clothes that you ought to have this Spring-

1. Basic white/black T-shirt

It is a must-have for all seasons. Owning a white/black tee can do wonders for your wardrobe. It is sustainable, and affordable and vamps up your whole outfit. You can opt for a plain white/black t-shirt, a cropped top, or both! Pair your black/white t-shirt with denim jeans, pastel trousers/cargo pants with sneakers, and you’re good to go! Want a more feminine look? Wear a cute denim skirt or any skirt of your choice.

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2. Floral patterned dress

2022 saw a craze in floral prints, and it hasn’t died down yet! We saw a rise in cottage core, and in 2023 we will continue to dress in pretty floral-patterned dresses. The floral aesthetic is evergreen and will keep trending for years to come. If you haven’t already, purchase any of these (if your budget allows, get them all!)—short-length, midi, or full-length floral printed dresses. Pair it with sneakers, pumps, or strapped block heels.

3. Jeans

A good pair of jeans is a must-have wardrobe essential for everyone. Straight jeans and flared jeans are trending currently. Get a pair of your choice if you don’t already have one! Fitted denim is a must-have wardrobe essential. 100% cotton ones last longer and are more durable. If you prefer a little more stretch in your denim jeans, 95% cotton with a 5% spandex composition is preferable.

4. Cotton shirts

Casual or formal, cotton shirts are one of the most comfortable wardrobe essentials you can own. Keeping up with the Spring theme, in 2023, fill your wardrobe with light hues. Lime green, lilac, white, light yellow, baby pink, and nude tones, will bring out the spring-summery vibes. Pair your cotton shirts with baggy trousers, cotton or denim shorts, midi skirts, etc. 

must have wardrobe essentials
5. Midi skirts

Flowy floral midi skirts with thigh-high slits look absolutely adorable paired with a simple crop top or cardigan. If you want to try out the “girl-next-door” look, midi skirts are a wardrobe essential. You can wear it in summer, autumn, and winter too. They can look chic and classy, depending on how you style them. With style comes comfort, and midi skirts give just that. Choosing the perfect midi skirt for your body type can get confusing, but it all depends on how confidently you pull off the look.

6. Shorts

Denim shorts are a must-have. Need a casual outfit for a get-together with friends or a quick trip to the grocery store? Shorts are your best friend. They are comfy and chic. You can easily pair it with t-shirts, shirts, tops, or blouses. If you don’t own denim shorts, cotton shorts are a good alternative too. Style it with a pair of sneakers, flats, or comfy loafers. High-waisted shorts accentuate the curves that you already have, while low-rise shorts can make your torso look longer giving you a leaner silhouette. Choose shorts that will suit your body type.

must have wardrobe essentials 2023

7. White shoes

A staple for your wardrobe. White shoes look good with jeans, shorts, dresses, and skirts. If you are willing to improve your style, investing in a good pair of white shoes is the way to go. Recommended shoes would be the Nike Air Force 1s, Fila disruptors, or the good old Reebok and Puma sneakers. White shoes may not seem like statement pieces, but no one can deny that it pulls together the whole outfit.

8. Nude block heels

Doesn’t matter if you are a heel person or not, owning a pair of nude block heels will make all the difference to your wardrobe. Block heels are comfier than high heels. Be it pants, jeans, or a dress, nude-colored heels elevate the outfit’s look. There are various designs to choose from different brands. Design, quality, and longevity should be the criteria you look for while purchasing any design of heels.


Now that you have an idea, about what wardrobe essentials to purchase, remember to be sustainable. You can always opt for high-end stores and brands, but thrifting is the best way to find good clothes if you are on a budget. Experiment with different Spring-summer styles and find out what is best for you. Mind you, to pull any outfit off the key is to be confident!

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Lifestyle Changes to make in 2023

Lifestyle Changes To Make In 2023

Lifestyle Changes to make in 2023 #healthy lifestyle changes #lifestyle changes #changing lifestyle

We are well into the year 2023. You probably made quite a few New Year’s resolutions, but have you been able to stick to them? Maybe, not. Every year we tend to make resolutions; that we will change our life for the better. But more often than not, we regress to the same old unhealthy patterns. 

Are you among the many trying to find ways to inculcate healthy habits into your lifestyle? Fret not! As long as you incorporate these small lifestyle changes into your day-to-day routine, you will be able to achieve your goals for the year in no time. 

Why are lifestyle changes important?

It is a no-brainer that making certain lifestyle changes does improve our mental, emotional and physical health. But to make those changes one has to be consistent with their goals. The changes you want to make do not have to be drastic. Small lifestyle changes prove to be beneficial in the long term; as they get properly incorporated into our daily lives. 

Lifestyle changes help in many ways, some of which are:-

  • Better social and professional lives.
  • Healthier mindset towards things.
  • Improved decision-making skills.
  • Overall improvement in mental and physical health.
  • Positive outlook towards hardships.
  • Lower levels of stress.

Undoubtedly, making positive changes benefits people immensely, but the journey can be long and arduous. It may come easily to some, but for those who have led an unhealthy lifestyle till now, it can be challenging.

Simple changes in lifestyle you can make in 2023

As stated above, it is not mandatory to make extreme changes. You can begin your journey by taking baby steps toward the goal you have set for yourself. Here are a few steps you can take:-


If you’re someone who likes to plan, this is perfect for you. Journaling will ensure that you are keeping track of your daily tasks. You can always plan for the week or the month in advance and ensure that you follow through with it. It will help not only in developing a routine but also prevent you from procrastinating.

You can also note down the areas you need to improve on, your daily growth, tasks, how you feel on certain days, etc. So, who are you waiting for? Get yourself some cute planners or dairies and start journaling.

Lifestyle Changes to make in 2023

Get proper sleep

Having a good sleep routine is a dream for many. With how hectic our lives are, getting a chance to sleep and wake up early is something many of us fail to do. College students, interns, and working adults suffer the brunt of lack of sleep the most. Your lifestyle will show a drastic change if you can manage your sleep routine. Waking up early in the morning has proved to be beneficial scientifically. It is a proven fact that productivity levels increase when the body is well-rested.

Set a time for yourself—when to sleep and when to wake up. Try to be consistent with this sleep routine. Your body will eventually recognize the pattern. Keep doing this for a few weeks; you will notice positive changes in both your mind and body.

healthy lifestyle changes

Positive affirmations

Many might wonder if this step will work or not, but it is a scientifically proven fact that the brain produces serotonin, which makes you feel positive emotions such as happiness, calmness, etc. Develop a habit of talking to yourself positively. Start your day by encouraging yourself. Simple words such as, “I will make the best out of this day,” “I am good enough,” “I am beautiful,” and “I can do it!”; will help your brain focus on developing a positive outlook towards things and prepare you mentally for failures too.

Positive thinking is a simple lifestyle change that you can inculcate in your life. You may be skeptical about it working, but you will never find out if you don’t try. Give it a go and see how it works for you.

lifestyle changes important

Healthy eating habits

We consume an unhealthy amount of processed foods daily. Making slight changes to the food you consume is a game-changer. Opting for healthy food choices despite the hectic schedules you have can make a huge difference. Developing healthy eating habits has only advantages.

Cutting off the carbs in your diet, eating more salads, nutritional and high-fiber foods, green leafy vegetables, etc., will improve gut health. You can make a diet chart. Maintaining a balanced diet will require patience, effort, and research to know which foods are good for your body.

lifestyle changes

Morning walks and Yoga

Many studies have been conducted to prove the benefits of morning walks and yoga. The majority of the population lives a sedentary lifestyle. Not everyone has the time or means to join the gym or exercise every day. We know that exercising is good for our overall health but we tend to give up on attaining that goal. Morning walks and yoga are simple ways to keep the body healthy. No need for strenuous exercises; simply walking in the park or a 30 min yoga session along with the proper diet will help you stay healthy.

Start small, go for a 20 min walk every alternate day; then increase the time, and incorporate a 10-20 min yoga session every day. You will notice the changes. With time, encourage yourself to work out either at home or the gym.

changing lifestyle

Lifestyle changes FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions on how to make lifestyle changes-

  1. How do I begin the lifestyle change journey?

    Start small. Don’t try to do everything at once. Once you incorporate the above simple and healthy steps in your life, challenge yourself to do better.

  2. Is lifestyle change expensive?

    That depends on the kind of changes you are willing to make in your lifestyle. It can be affordable and expensive too, depending on what you want to achieve.

  3. Does positive thinking impact our daily life?

    Yes, positive thinking impacts our behavior and emotions in many ways.

  4. Is it necessary to make a diet plan?

    Yes. Making a diet plan will let you know the nutrient requirements of your body.
    Lifestyle disease


Making healthy and positive lifestyle changes can seem tiring, but with patience and perseverance, you can achieve all the goals you set for yourself.

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