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Introvert life: Being more confident, a lifestyle upgrade

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Are you an introvert? Do you prefer having a small circle? Do you dread social interactions? Would you rather stay at home in your comfort zone than hang out with friends at the cost of your energy getting drained? The answers to these questions will vary with each individual. Unlike extroverts, introverted people have to push themselves to come out of their bubbles and meet society’s standards of being social. Being outgoing and interactive can be exhausting, and it’ll affect how you approach situations.

Nevertheless, are you someone who is trying to be more confident? We all need a lifestyle upgrade, maybe you need one too. Living an introverted lifestyle is not a bad thing, but man is a social animal, and you will face situations where you’ll have to interact with people even though you may not want to. Introverts have this innate ability to be content with the time they spend doing things they like. They don’t require a whole lot of social interactions to feel rejuvenated. It doesn’t change the fact that bringing positive changes to your lifestyle has its merits.

Lifestyle changes for introverts to be more confident

1. Avoid isolating yourself

Every introvert is guilty of doing this at some point in their life. Understandably, it can be mentally and emotionally draining to come out of one’s comfort zone and navigate through life. However, ask yourself if you are isolating yourself because you’re an introvert or due to your deep-rooted insecurities. Are you someone who hides behind the mask of being an introvert? You might be someone who feels unworthy, have low self-confidence, or might not feel like showing up at social gatherings until you feel genuinely good about yourself.

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To form and maintain healthy relations with people you need to let down your walls and put the notion behind that you have to show your best self to others. You’re human, they are too.

• Accept that you are not perfect neither are the people around you. Showing your imperfect self might be challenging, but it is an important step to building up your confidence.

• Take time to recharge. Give yourself the time and space to fill your emotional cup. Spend time with yourself, and do the things you love. Then spend time with loved ones, and friends. Enjoy life, one small step at a time.

Lifestyle changes for introverts
Lifestyle Changes for introverts

2. Seek therapy

Most people avoid seeking professional help due to several reasons. The reasons may vary from having financial issues, and fear of judgment from people around you, to not wanting to show vulnerability. Seeking therapy is not a shameful act. Instead, it is one outlet you can use to express how you feel. As humans, we go through a plethora of emotions. Having to deal with those while trying to stay composed so that you can go about your day-to-day life is draining.

Introvert life

• The emotions you feel are valid and seeking therapy is one way to help yourself find a way to deal with the feelings you are experiencing.

• Accept that society’s perspective towards mental health should not dictate the positive steps you choose to take for yourself.   

• Therapy can benefit you in many ways. However, do adequate research about the resources that the professionals will provide, and choose the one that will meet your requirements.

3. Be open to socializing

Just because you are an introvert doesn’t mean that you should stay closed up for life. In the process of learning to be confident, you will have to let go of certain habits. Being social won’t be easy. It can mentally and emotionally exhaust you. Nevertheless, there is no harm in being open to socializing with different people. When you are social, you’ll learn a lot of new things. Everyone’s perspective is different, and learning people’s viewpoints can change the way you look at things too.

• Try and approach new people. It’s easier said than done, but the first step you take can prove to be fruitful. Even if it is unsuccessful, you’ll at least be proud that you came out of your comfort zone to interact with people.

• Take small steps to begin conversing with people. Being confident matters when it comes to interacting with people. Start with small pleasantries. It leaves a good impression on the person you’re communicating with.

4. Identify if you’re insecure

A majority of the social anxiety we face comes from insecurities that are buried deep within us. It may stem from trauma that you may have faced. It can also be caused by the expectations that people have of you.

    • Learn to accept that you are not perfect, and that meeting society’s standards is not worth the mental, emotional, and physical pain. 

    • With each step you take towards building up your self-confidence, try and understand the insecurities that you have. Finding out what caused those insecurities, whether are they surface level or deeply rooted, etc., will help you understand yourself better and slowly build up the confidence you seek.

5. Maintain a balance of social life and solitude

Partake in activities that make you feel safe. A healthy balance between social life and solitude will boost your confidence levels. When you are mentally and emotionally exhausted, you can take the initiative to cancel the plans that were made. Seek solitude, and do the things you like. Maintain your social life too. Make plans with your friends and loved ones. Eventually, you’ll start gaining confidence to socialize with the people around you.

    • Start small. You don’t have to make extravagant plans to hang out with people. A coffee date with a few friends is a good idea.

    • Let your close ones know when you’re experiencing burnout. Let them know you need a break and personal space to feel better again.

lifestyle upgrade
lifestyle upgrade

6. Creating healthy boundaries

The boundaries you create will be different, depending on who the person is. It is a healthy way to let the other person know what you feel. Being transparent about your emotions and showing your vulnerability won’t come easy. You will have to take the first step to create a positive environment while you’re trying to navigate whatever it is you are going through. Letting the people you care for know when you are not up for being social will help them understand you better. It may seem like you’re being negative and are afraid of how the other person will react, but creating healthy boundaries will help strengthen the relations you have.

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