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Evolution of Streetwear & Latest trends in street style 2023

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Street style has played a huge role in fashion for decades. Due to the trends in streetwear brought during fashion week every year, many people have the misconception that street style originated from the runway. However, as the name suggests, the street style came from the streets. It originated from the British fashion culture. Streetstyle is a fashion style that has encompassed itself with elements from different cultures, styles, skateboarding culture, hip-hop music, etc. There is no such thing as ‘one shoe fits all’ in street style. Every country or area has its own version of street style. It represents not only individual creativity but also the various cultural identities that it brings together.

Evolution of street style and its impact

Streetstyle, as we know and see it today, has grown by leaps and bounds since the 20th century. It was a form of expression back then and still is to this day. The growth of street fashion played a major role in bringing together an array of subcultural styles and elements. Streetstyle grew steadily after the end of World War II, despite countries facing economical crises throughout. It paved a way for individuals to embrace fashion and creativity as a whole. Not only did it give a sense of identity to the people post-war, but it also gave access to fashion at a time when only the rich could afford to be fashionable.

The growth of street style is a prime example of how different cultures and styles are influenced by each other. Youth culture undoubtedly played a role in the growth of streetwear. At a time when the world faced a scarcity of money, resources, raw materials, etc., streetwear became an outlet for the youth to express their emotions and thoughts. The rise in street style was nothing short of a phenomenon. For many individuals throughout the post-war period, it was a form of expression. The impact of street style on various movements over the decades is a testament in itself. Political campaigns, women’s movement to vote, social activism, etc., and fashion has played a major role in rebelling against societal ills.

Paris, Milan, Japan, New York, and London are some of the most popular places for Street fashion. Trends from these places contribute heavily to the fashion industry. Parisian culture, Japanese streetwear, and  London streetwear influence the latest trends in fashion, all over the world. One common attribute of all these places is that the youth are trendsetters. Youth culture controls the trends in streetwear, bringing innovative fashion, new ideas, and flair to street style.

Street Style Menswear 2023: What To Wear

Fashion houses took years to recognize streetwear as high fashion. It wasn’t until the 90s and 2000s that luxury fashion and streetwear collaborated to create luxury streetwear. Elements of Punk, Heavy metal, skateboard culture, Hip hop, goth, bikers, etc., will always be present in street style. From being used as a tool by various sociocultural groups to being a part of the fashion industry, streetwear has come a long way.

Streetstyle trends in 2023!

Fashion week 2023 brought new trends and welcomed old ones with slight twists. This year we will see a grand comeback of old styles, color schemes, and styles. The street style in Fashion week 2023 saw bold prints, textures, striking colors, oversized jackets and pants, and midi and mini skirts. This year fashion houses included a lot of streetwear elements on the runway. We hope to see playful and stylish looks being recreated by trendsetters all over the world.

Here are a few trends you should keep a lookout for-

1. Oversized jackets and pants

Bringing back last year’s trend, you’ll see many fashion lovers donning oversized jackets and pants. Get creative and wear jackets with striking silhouettes but don’t forget to get them in a bigger size. Oversized clothes are the trend this season.

street style

2. Bold patterns and textures

Are you still trying to figure out how to hop onto this trend? Fret not! Experimentation is key! Get yourself a dress with bold stripes, or a feathery top! Play around with different textures to make a statement. You don’t have to play it safe. Have fun dressing yourself up in bold patterns that are colorful and striking. The purpose of bold patterns and textures is to make a statement. Try it out! Mix and match clothes with patterns, but make sure they complement each other.


3. Cargo pants

Cargo pants are here to stay! Don’t worry, they aren’t the 2000s low-rise pants. You won’t have to stop yourself from trying out these pants. High-waisted cargo pants with lots and lots of pockets are the new trend. Fashion week 2023 showed various high-end fashion houses incorporating cargo pants on the runway. Olive green, khaki, brown, and black will be the color tones to look out for.

4. Red and green tones

2023 is all about bold colors. You’ll see splashes of red and green in various streetwear outfits. No, it’s not the Christmas season yet. Bold colors are the trend, and what better way to create outfits than bright shades of red and green? If you aren’t a fan of over-the-top colors, tone down your outfit by pairing beige or nude tops or trousers and wear minimal but statement accessories.

Latest trends in street style

5. Blazers

Oversized blazers will remain in trend this year. Bring out your inner stylist by trying various silhouettes, patterns, and bold colors. The blazer-bra combo continues to slay. However, if you’re someone who is a tad bit conservative, you can pair your blazers with crop tops or graphic tees.

Evolution of Streetwear

6. Sheer tops and crop tops

Not a cup of tea for many but sheer tops are on trend this season. Fashion week 2023 saw a bra-sheer top combo with pants, denim jackets, or blazers. If you’re feeling a bit scandalous, skip the bra altogether, and layer it with a jacket or shirt. Fashion is about taking risks and making a statement while looking chic and stylish, so why not try something different for a change? Crop tops are not too far behind in popularity. Style your crop tops with oversized jackets, blazers, or shirts with loose pants or skirts.

Latest trends in street style

7. Denim

Timeless denim looks are a fan favorite in 2023. Bleached, damaged, bejeweled, or patchwork, you name it, we have it all. This year the fashion world is going all out with denim. Jackets, jeans, skirts, or shorts, get creative and style your own statement outfits. Don’t forget to invest in good quality denim. We are all about the sustainability and longevity of clothes.

street style

8. Colourful bags

Who doesn’t love handbags? These staple accessories for any outfit. Take it up a notch by incorporating handbags that have bright and colorful tones. A pop of color does not harm, instead, it makes a statement by alleviating the look of your dress. Enjoy matching your bags and clutches with your outfits.

street style

Evolution of Streetwear

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