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 Capsule Wardrobe: Definition, Pros, and Cons, Steps

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Have you ever come across the term ‘Capsule Wardrobe’? In simple terms, a capsule wardrobe means a limited collection of clothes, accessories, and shoes that complement each other, and can be styled to create new outfits. The usual range of clothing you can own is about 30-40 items. The term Capsule Wardrobe coined by Susie Faux owned a boutique called “Wardrobe” in London in the 1970s. Though decades have passed and the meaning of capsule wardrobe has been redefined many times, the concept remains the same. Susie Faux came up with the idea of a limited wardrobe keeping working women in mind. 

The concept garnered popularity as it made it easier to put together outfits during busy days. With ever-growing fashion trends, owning simple but versatile pieces in your wardrobe can change your style.

Capsule wardrobes have existed for years and have made a lasting impact on those who practice them. Not only does it make dressing up every day easy, but it also helps curate a wardrobe filled with your favorite clothes. 

What are the pros and cons of having a capsule wardrobe? 


1. Saves money

It does help save your finances. Since you already have a well-tailored wardrobe, the desire to buy new clothing items lessens. Having a wardrobe that is versatile, complements each other, and is interchangeable reduces your craze for shopping. As you have clothes that match, you will avoid unnecessarily adding more items to your wardrobe. You’ll learn to invest in quality that lasts for years. Isn’t it better to own one item that will last for years than buy cheaper clothes you’ll replace in a few months?

Capsule Wardrobe

2. Less stress decision-making fatigue

You must have had moments where you’re stressing about what to wear and complaining about not having enough clothes despite having a lot. Capsule wardrobes reduce the stress and fatigue that comes with choosing the ‘perfect fit.’ You’ll have clothes that complement each other, so you won’t stress about mixing and matching clothes.     

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3. Sustainability

When it comes to fashion, sustainability may be hard to achieve due to trends that seem to change every other week. However, a minimalistic wardrobe will steer you towards owning more sustainable clothing items. 

4. Versatile pieces

Once you get rid of clothes that barely lasted, you’ll see that you are left with versatile items that’ll last for years and can be worn in different seasons. Depending on the types of clothes you have, you can add one or two items that’ll fit your wardrobe. 

5. More time and energy

Shopping is time-consuming and draining. No doubt it can be fun, but shopping does take a lot of time, especially if you can’t find what you are looking for. Having a limited wardrobe cut down the time and energy you would have spent on shopping.

6. Helps the environment

Fewer clothes, more sustainability. Since your wardrobe will have clothes that last for years, it’ll help reduce the carbon footprint. There’ll be less waste because you won’t buy clothes that will get discarded after a few months. Fast fashion is one of the causes of pollution and the overflow of landfills. Avoiding temporary trends and sticking to a minimal wardrobe might seem like a small step but it positively impacts the environment. 

Capsule Wardrobe coined by Susie Faux

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7. Well curated wardrobe that defines your style

You’ll be left with the perfect wardrobe that fits your style and aesthetic. Getting rid of the clothes you aren’t quite fond of or barely wear will leave you with items you love. It’ll help you develop and perfect your style. 


1. Repetitive outfits

Less number of clothes may cause this issue. You will notice that you are wearing certain outfits more. It does get repetitive and boring. You’ll have to be more creative to vamp up your outfits. Do keep in mind, repeating outfits is not a bad thing. Wanting to be on trend can be overwhelming due to social media and peer pressure. Tapping into your creativity is the key to avoiding boredom. 

2. Hard to dress for special occasions and events 

Capsule wardrobes have many advantages, but it does fall short when dressing up for special occasions and events. You’ll feel restricted because of the lack of clothes. Adding a couple of fancy dresses might help. 

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin. So why don’t you try creating your own capsule wardrobe too? Making a capsule wardrobe for each season leaves you with less pressure of filling up your wardrobe to accommodate the seasonal changes. 

As long as you make sure you own basic pieces and complementary color schemes, you are good to go! 

Steps to create your own capsule wardrobe!

1. Declutter your present wardrobe

Set aside the clothes that are similar in color, silhouette, etc. Discard the clothes you are not fond of, damaged or stained. Segregate the clothes based on the criteria you’re following. Avoid starting your capsule wardrobe from scratch. You will have lots of clothes that fit the aesthetic you want.   

2. Selection of clothes

Pick your favorite items of clothing. Set those aside. Select clothes that you reach out for on a daily basis. Make sure that you select the clothes based on their versatility, color scheme, silhouette, comfort level, quality, etc. 

3. Planning 

Plan accordingly for the season. Create a capsule wardrobe for the current season. Assess what you need to add and remove from the selected items. 


Capsule wardrobe

4. Create a few outfits 

Try creating 5-10 everyday outfits from the capsule wardrobe you made. This’ll help in figuring out if you missed out on a few items. Mix and match to see if the outfits match your aesthetic. It is a process and will require time and effort to perfect it. 


What is a capsule wardrobe?

It is a collection of clothes ranging from 30-40 items that are used to create new outfits. 

Are capsule wardrobes hard to maintain? 

No. As long as all the selected items meet the criteria and are versatile, it is easy to maintain. 

What are the most important criteria of a capsule wardrobe? 

Clothes that fit all seasons and can be styled in numerous ways. 

Are accessories necessary? 

Yes! Accessories are a must for a capsule wardrobe. It helps alleviate the look of the outfit.

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