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Finding your style: Being confident in what you wear in 2023

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Fast fashion is rampant throughout the industry. While fashion trends 2023 keep going in and out of the “trending” list on social media, maintaining sustainability in the clothes you wear can make a huge difference. The fashion and makeup industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Hence, finding and creating your style amid numerous trends can be daunting. Would you prefer to be the one following trends, or would you rather find your style and not follow the herd?

Owning luxurious statement pieces is a dream for many. But the majority of us can’t afford to splurge on high-end brands. Buying affordable pieces of clothing is the norm, but we tend to make the mistake of purchasing clothes that we rarely wear. You will have a few clothes in your wardrobe that are brand new and just waiting for an occasion to be worn. We tend to buy clothes that look good by themselves, forgetting that they may not look flattering on our bodies. Before spending whatever savings you have on buying clothes you might not wear, find your style first.

Fashion is a form of expression. Knowing how to express your personality through the clothes you wear will take time, research, and effort. Finding your style is not an impossible task, as long as you put in the work to figure out what piques your interest when it comes to clothes and fashion. You don’t need to be a model or an influencer to pull off any look. One of the major criteria you should keep in mind before starting your journey to find your style is the type of body shape you have. Knowing what silhouettes look good on your body will give you a basic idea of the kind of clothes you should invest in.

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How to find your style- Steps to follow

Ready to begin your ‘personalized’ style journey? Here are a few steps you should try:-

1. Know your body type

More often than not we end up buying clothes that do not match our body type. To have a personalized wardrobe, knowing your body shape well is a must. We all seek perfection in the way we look, so why not buy clothes that accentuate the best parts of our bodies? Research what kind of silhouettes look good on your body type.

2. Evaluate your wardrobe

Assessing your wardrobe can give you an idea about which clothes you feel confident and comfortable in. All of us have some items of clothing that we love and re-wear any chance we get. For a couple of weeks, track which clothes you wear most often. Segregate your most worn pieces of clothes from unworn ones. Ask yourself, what do these clothes have in common? You’ll notice that you gravitate towards certain styles of clothes. The clothes you wear most often will have a certain fit, color scheme, brand, and comfort level. Finding a similarity in all the clothes you love wearing will point you in a particular direction.

what you wear in 2023
what you wear in 2023

3. Research various resources

Fashion magazines, runway shows, Instagram, and Pinterest, are a few of the resources you can look through to find style inspiration. Find clothes that you are attracted to and save them. Think critically about whether the particular outfit you are looking at will suit you or not. Questions to keep in mind while researching-

  •     Is this a flattering fit for my body type?
  •     Do I like the color scheme, and will I be open to trying it?
  •     What do I like about that particular outfit?
  •     Are the colors too loud or muted for my taste?
  •     Do I have a more mature or outgoing style?
  •     Do I like the patterns in that model’s outfit?

Save the photos on Instagram, create a Pinterest board, etc., of your favorite outfits. You’ll get a general idea about what styles and clothes you’re drawn to. You might just like a mixture of different styles or solely prefer feminine dresses or edgy, dark outfits.

4. Create and refine your mood board

Once you’ve created your mood board of various outfits, go through each picture you saved. Do you see yourself wearing those outfits daily? Going through your collection of outfits will enable you to find out which clothes showcase your personality. If you are someone who prefers a mixture of styles, you can always combine different looks and create one unique to you.

You will notice a pattern while skimming through the pictures and cutouts. The inner fashionista residing within you will find an outlet through the mood boards you’ve created.

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fashion trends 2023

5. Go shopping

Now that you have a general idea about what style you prefer, choose a few pieces from your mood board that appears consistently. Make a list, go shopping to search for those items, and purchase them. Wear those clothes for some weeks, mix and match. See if it works for you. At the same time, keep working on your mood board too. Find new pieces that you might want to experiment with and gradually build your wardrobe.

fashion trends

6. Be confident and keep experimenting

Give yourself enough time to go shopping. Do not splurge and buy on impulse. You will end up with clothes you don’t want. Instead, take the time to try out different outfits and see what suits you best. Finding your style takes time and is a long process. Mix and match clothes to create outfits, that are cohesive, comfortable, and fashionable. It’ll help you develop your sense of style.

Learn to be confident. Change can be scary for many people. Revamping your style and experimenting can seem out of the ordinary for those around you. Start slow. The road to expressing yourself through your clothes will be filled with trials and errors. Ease yourself into it, one stylish outfit at a time.

2023 fashion trends


1) Which apps can be used as resources for outfit inspiration?

Instagram and Pinterest.

2) Should we follow fashion influencers on Instagram for inspiration?

Yes, as long as you follow them strictly for outfit ideas and do not develop body image issues.

3) Is Pinterest a good resource?

     Yes. You will find a lot of ideas for photography and fashion on the app.

4) What is the best option for purchasing affordable clothes?


5) Can old movies be a source of outfit ideas?

Yes. Especially 80s and 90s movies.

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