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Trending Colours for Spring 2023: Making your wardrobe bright and colorful

Trending Colours for Spring 2023 #Trending Colours for Spring #Trending Colours

Spring is finally here! Gone are the gloomy and dark hues of winter. Let’s welcome Spring with a splash of color. Fill your wardrobe with the trending colors for Spring 2023. Let your creativity out and put together outfits from the trending color palette. Fashion houses this year showcased different themes, highlighting their creative aspect. One thing everyone noticed was the use of bold colors. Though goth themes were prevalent, the random pop of color stood out and was of course, memorable to the audience.

Experts and fashion enthusiasts have announced the trending colors of the year 2023. Spring will see many bright shades with outfits ranging from bold monochromatic looks to a pop of color in neutral-toned outfits. Understanding which colors suit you best is the first step toward building a Spring wardrobe. However, you can think out of the box and create outfits that are out of your comfort zone. Fashion is all about trying out different looks and styles.

Trending spring colors to brighten up your closet

1. Lavender

One shade that has been trending since last year with many people trying out the white-lavender outfit combo at least once. The neutral shade is a must-have for your spring wardrobe. Adding the various hues of lavender to your collection for spring will immediately brighten up your wardrobe. Like light blue, lavender is a calm and classy shade and will look good on anyone. You can opt for either a full lavender outfit or incorporate the color in subtle ways through purses, scarves, or maybe a jacket. Lavender gives out youthful vibes and is a hit among young adults and teens.

2. Viva magenta

One shade that you probably don’t see much on a daily basis. However, according to Pantone, viva magenta is the color of the year and will garner popularity among fashion enthusiasts. The elegant and bold color might be overwhelming for those who don’t wear eye-catching tones. It will be a hit for cocktail and formal dresses. This pinkish-red shade can be paired with neutrals to create statement casual outfits.

White, khaki, beige, grey, etc., tones will compliment this shade. Take risks with your outfits and pair them with blues, purple, and pink tones. Viva magenta as a skirt, shirt, or dress is the splash of color you need this spring. You can also incorporate this berry-red shade as a purse or jewelry.

Trending Colours for Spring 2023
Trending Colours

3. Blues

All pastel shades of blue will be seen this year. Undoubtedly, blue is one color that elevates the charm of any outfit. Lighter shades of blue will be popular this spring among influencers and fashion enthusiasts. Bolder hues of blue such as cobalt blue, electric blue, azure, etc., were seen on the runway during Fashion week 2023. One designer who brought attention to this gorgeous shade is Gaurav Gupta.

The Indian designer wowed everyone with his Shunya collection during Paris Haute Couture Week. The concept, which is a take on the possibilities of movement from zero to infinity was created by the designer using never-ending strokes and shapes. Rapper Cardi B wore an electric blue custom Gaurav Gupta at the 65th Grammy Awards.

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Trending Colours for Spring
Trending Spring Colours

4. Shades of pink

Pastel pinks are a must for your Spring wardrobe. 2022 saw the hot-pink trend and it’s not ending anytime soon. The trending aesthetic- Barbiecore and ballet core include various shades of pink. As per the trends, lighter hues of pink will be perfect for the Spring season. Flowy pink dresses, and light pink tops paired with white, beige, pants or skirts, will be the perfect outfit to transition from winter to spring. A hot pink purse can give your outfit the splash of color it needs to make it cool and chic.

Trending Colours
Trending Colours for Spring 2023

5. Gold and silver

Not the most conventional colors for spring but metallic colors are trending this season. From runways to award shows, metallic colors are shining bright. Fashion houses upped their game with models strutting down the runway wearing silver, gold, and bronze dresses with matching accessories. Incorporate metallic colors in your wardrobe this year based on your skin tone.

Once you’ve figured out if your skin is warm or cool-toned, purchase metallic colors that will suit you. Metallic accessories such as jewelry and handbags are an option if you don’t want to buy a dress but want some metallic tones in your wardrobe. A fashion inspiration is the ‘Queen Bey’ (Beyonce) who wore a dress with a rose gold bodice for the Grammy Awards this year.

Trending Colours for Spring 2023
Trending Colours for Spring 2023

6. Orange

Despite being a fall (Autumn) color, orange hues are back in trend for Spring 2023. Fashion week 2023 saw different hues of orange on the runway. Though fashion designers incorporated a lot of bold monochromatic looks, if you aren’t fearless enough to rock that look then going for muted orange tones would be a good choice. Slightly bright orange tones are good for a day at the beach.

You can always opt for sheer fabrics if the color is too much for you. Pairing orange clothes with beige, bronze, cream, or camel tones can give you a classy but chic look. If you’re going for a color that pops while wearing neutral tones, a bright, orange is the go-to choice. Get some affordable but colorful orange bags, accessories, belts, etc., and get creative with your outfits.

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Trending Colours for Spring
Trending Colours for Spring 2023

7. Yellow

No one can deny that the color yellow exudes happy summery vibes. Wearing any shade of yellow is like an instant mood booster. For fashion week 2023, various designers opted for pastel shades of yellow. The muted tones elevated not only the dress’s design and charm but also brought out the spring-summer vibes on the runway. Experiment with different shades of yellow this Spring. Pair your yellow clothes with blues, greens, ivory, beige, white, etc., to create a bomb and intense outfit. Don’t hesitate to take inspiration from your favorite models, magazines, or influencers.

8. Green hues

Teal, lime, light green, and olive green are must-haves for this spring season. Green is one color that can be styled with any outfit but still look good. The various shades of green encompass spring vibes perfectly and give you a fresh look. Be it light green floral dresses, patterned skirts, tops, or shirts, make sure you have a few green clothing items in your wardrobe. Accessories such as green bracelets, bags, earrings, and scarves are a good addition too if you want to add a bit of green to the outfit.

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