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Street Style Menswear 2023: What to wear

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Street style is one fashion genre that will always dominate menswear. Fashion week 2023 saw various trends in street style. Many of the looks were an amalgamation of basics cohesively put together. Thus, proving that street style will remain timeless, with old trends coming back every year.

Born from Californian surf culture and hip-hop fashion from New York, streetwear has amassed different elements from other styles. Street style is a mix of comfort, go-to dressing, chic, and statement looks all in one. Women’s and men’s streetwear may seem unflattering to people, but when done right, it can look cool and trendy. Quite a few elements of Japanese street fashion and haute couture can be seen currently in street-style menswear 2023. That mixed with the good old Punk and Sportswear has given fashion enthusiasts the freedom to create awesome statement looks.

Are you bored with your everyday outfits? Elevate your street fashion with basics, accessories, and statement pieces! You don’t need to go full-on ‘Hypebeast’ to stand out from the crowd. A pair of Jordans or Nike sneakers would do more to alleviate your outfit than a pair of Yeezys’. Street style has always been about comfortable and relaxed looks which make a statement. It is not mandatory, to be covered head-to-toe in brand logos to showcase your street fashion.

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Men’s streetwear 2023—­Must-haves!

No matter what style it may be, if you’re a fashion enthusiast, making a statement with your outfit is the goal. However, you don’t need to go over the top with your outfits to do so. Looking good, being confident and comfortable in what you wear is enough to let your outfits stand out. Pairing basics properly can alleviate your look. Here are some must-have items for your wardrobe-

1. Cargo pants

Cargo pants are one of the most versatile items of clothing when it comes to streetwear and casuals. These pants have made a comeback in recent years, trending not just in streetwear but also in other genres of fashion. Airport fashion gave a boost to the ‘cargo pant trend’ as celebrities were seen donning it, looking chic and stylish.

These pants are an example of timeless fashion. Pair your favorite cargo pants with a loose sweatshirt, a bomber jacket, a hoodie, a graphic t-shirt, etc.

street style

2. Tracksuits

Are you surprised to see this on the list? Streetwear has and will always cater to comfortable dressing, and what is better than wearing a tracksuit for a day out? Match your tracksuit with a striking pair of sneakers, a sling/fanny bag, goggles, smartwatch, and you’re good to go! You can either go for a no-brand look or a complete brand set from well-known brands such as Adidas, Gucci, Nike, etc. Tracksuits are the perfect outfit to opt for when you’re running late but want to look fashionable and effortless.

What to wear

3. Sneakers

Regardless of your gender, sneakers are a staple for your streetwear fashion. Men’s streetwear wardrobe will be incomplete without classic sneakers. Vans, Jordans, All-Stars Converses, etc., are must-have items for men’s streetwear. When it comes to shoes, quality is a must! It may slightly strain your budget but opt for quality footwear from brands that cater to your needs.


4. Hoodies

Loose hoodies will always be a timeless look. Pair your hoodie with a jacket on top, cargo pants or joggers, sneakers, and a cap. You can also match your hoodie with denim jeans or trousers. Think ‘loose,’ not ‘baggy’ when you shop for hoodies. Oversized clothes do more to accentuate your silhouette than overly baggy clothes. You can never own too many. Brand or no-brand, get yourself stylish-looking hoodies and create your own outfits!

Street Style Menswear

5. Denim

Another timeless classic you must have in your closet. Denim-on-denim looks will always look stylish. Pairing a denim jacket with a hoodie, joggers, etc., looks good too. While buying clothes within the budget is good, investing in quality denim is a better choice. It’ll be more sustainable and last for years. Denim jeans and jackets are a must-have for all wardrobes.

Street Style Menswear

6. Long coats

Long overcoats alleviate the look of the outfit. Be it formal, casual, or streetwear, long coats make any outfit look good. Owning a black, grey, or khaki-colored overcoat is a must. Depending on the color scheme of your wardrobe, purchase overcoats that will match the outfits you create.


7. Polos

Streetwear fashion is incomplete without polos. A polo shirt with fitting trousers, jeans, or joggers will remain a timeless look. It may not look bougie, but there is a reason polo shirts have been around since streetwear gained popularity. You can either keep it simple or accessorize your outfit according to your preferences.

street style

8. Joggers/ jeans

Staples for your wardrobe. Joggers are comfortable and can be paired with any outfit. Well-fitted jeans vamp up your outfit effortlessly. A white t-shirt with joggers/jeans and white sneakers/kicks will remain a top-tier streetwear look. You don’t need to go over the top to stand out; sometimes, simple outfits speak volumes. Black joggers and blue denim are must-haves for your streetwear and casual wardrobe.

What to wear

Points to remember while buying streetwear

• Quality and style are a must for footwear. You can purchase the oddest-looking pair of shoes on the block, but classic Adidas or Puma trainers will outshine your oddly shaped Yeezy’s.

• Oversized clothes are your best friend. Opting for a size or two bigger than your actual size will do more for you than wearing baggy clothes that look like a tent.

• Focus on no brand logos, or maintain subtlety. Don’t flock to brand names like teenagers. Trends come and go. Focus on creating timeless looks. Opt for streetwear labels that make creative clothing items.

• Invest in good quality fabrics. Better the fabric of your clothes, it’ll be more long-lasting and sustainable.

• Create a wardrobe that is well-coordinated and cohesive. Your clothes are an extension of your personality and reflect you as an individual. Maintain a balance between creativity and individuality.

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Which are the most popular streetwear brands?

Adidas, Nike, Stüssy, Supreme, Palace, Bape etc., are some well-known streetwear brands.

Who is a “Hypebeast”?

A person who actively pursues follows and acquires the latest trending shoes and clothes.

Is streetwear an aesthetic?

In its own way, streetwear is an aesthetic for some people. However, it is more of a style/genre of fashion.

What is the aim of streetwear?

A blend of fashion and comfort.

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